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Phys Film Makers

Phys Film Makers is a great opportunity for undergraduates to film researchers and for researchers to share their work

Phys Film Makers is an opportunity for undergraduates interested in media and communication of science to interview and film researchers in the department, from PhD right through to senior academics. The films are edited and released on our YouTube channel in bite-sized chunks explaining the science, putting a face to the research and exploring the huge variety of topics and people that are involved in physics. 


With astrophysics being one of the topics in most demand, it is a great opportunity to start sharing your research with interested undergraduates, preparing for media interviews and gaining exposure for your work. 

We have a friendly and supportive society ready to give information, support and guidance whether this is your first film or you're a podcast pro. We have events and competitions running throughout the year and you can find out the latest on our Teams page.