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PandA EDI spotlight interview - Vinooja Thurairethinam (Astrophysicist)

21 February 2023

PandA Spotlight interviews aim to highlight the work and life of historically underrepresented demographics within Physics and Astronomy. Production and editing were done by Richard Millington. PandA logo was created by Mark Cunningham.

Vinooja Thurairethinam

The PandA (Physics and Astronomy) EDI team are proud to announce the release of the first episode in a new video interview series, spotlighting underrepresented individuals in the department. This series of four interviews focuses on the stories and experiences of ordinary PhD students, in their journeys into academia and their exploits outside of physics. We believe these videos offer something to a wide audience, from secondary school students to senior members of academic staff. We also hope that these shared experiences help to dispel illusions of the academic elite and highlight that our departments are made up of relatable, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

You can find episodes 1 and 2 of the first interview on the P&A YouTube channel with a new episode released every Friday. 

This project was made possible by the 2nd MAPS Take Bold Action for Inclusion funding call and the 2021 Astrophysics Group Grant call.