UCL Astrophysics Group


Lecturer in Theoretical and/or Observational Astrophysics

30 March 2022

The UCL Astrophysics Group invites applications for a lectureship in theoretical and/or observational astrophysics. Deadline is the 29th of May, 2022.

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Applications from those with theoretical and/or observational research interests in the area of multi-messenger/transient astronomy, including gravitational waves (e.g. LIGO/LISA/Cosmic Explorer/Einstein Telescope) and/or electromagnetic transients (e.g. Rubin-LSST) are particularly encouraged. The lecturer will be part of the Astrophysics Group.

The UCL Astrophysics Group has a strong track record of investment and scientific leadership in survey facilities and consortia, such as DES, DESI, 4MOST, Rubin-LSST, PFS, the LISA consortium. Furthermore, the group has contributed major instrumentation which directly enables scientific breakthroughs in this field – examples include the DES scientific exploitation of the first multimessenger discovery of a binary neutron star merger; DESI that recently started collecting galaxy spectra; and 4MOST which will transform survey spectroscopy in the time-domain.

Further information and the application process can be found here.