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Sciences and Engineering Year 1 choices

The modules listed below are designated as best encapsulating the conception of the Sciences and Engineering Pathway and are chosen to allow progression to the most number of higher level courses. Whilst every effort has been made to timetable these modules so that there are no clashes between any of them, we cannot guarantee that every combination is 100% clash-free.

Please note: module availability and content may be subject to change. 

Compulsory module for students majoring in Sciences and Engineering: MATH0012 Mathematical Methods for Arts & Sciences

It is not possible to take ECON0002, ECON0095, SESS0007 or SESS0008 in the Sciences and Engineering pathway or as a mix between the Sciences and Engineering and Societies pathways. Economics modules can only be taken under Sciences and Engineering OR Societies, not both.

Designated Modules

CodeTitleCreditsPrerequisiteModule Level
BASC0038Algorithms, Logic and Structure15BASC0040Level 4
BASC0040Logic, Computation and Language Theory15 Level 4
CHEM0005Chemical Foundations15Chemistry A Level (or equivalent)Level 4
CHEM0008Basic Organic Chemistry15CHEM0005Level 4
CHEM0009Basic Physical Chemistry15CHEM0005Level 4
CHEM0013Basic Inorganic Chemistry15CHEM0005Level 4
(only open to students majoring in Sciences and Engineering)
30A* in A Level (or equivalent) Maths and MATH0012Level 4
ECON0095Introduction to Economics A15A* in A Level (or equivalent) Maths and MATH0012Level 4
ENGF0014Engineering Thinking I15 Level 4
HPSC00**Any ONE of the Level 4 HPSC-coded modules
(only open to students majoring in Sciences and Engineering)
15 Level 4
INST0002Programming 115 Level 4
INST0003Information Systems15 Level 4
IRDR0024Technology for Humanitarian Action15 Level 4
MATH0011Mathematical Methods 215MATH0012. If taken in year 1, 80% in December in-class test. 
Previous experience of Python is also recommended
Level 4
MATH0012Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences15 Level 4
PHAS0011Modern Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology15Maths and Physics at A Level (or equivalent)Level 4
SESS0007Introduction to Microeconomics15A Level (or equivalent) Maths is strongly recommendedLevel 4
SESS0008Introduction to Macroeconomics15A Level (or equivalent) Maths is strongly recommendedLevel 4

Students should check the online module catalogue for assessment details and the confirmed term a module is scheduled to run.

Year 2 and Final Year

Information on course choices for the second and final year can be found by clicking on the links below.