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Sciences and Engineering Final Year choices

Please note the selection below is only indicative of the choices available to you under the Sciences and Engineering pathway during your final year. A much wider range of modules throughout UCL is available subject to the constraints shown on the previous page.

CodeTitleCreditsPrerequisitesModule Level
BASC0048Computers and Humans15A suitable quantitative module, e.g. BASC0003 / BASC0005 or a basic knowledge in either principles of computer science and / or computer interface architecture or data scienceLevel 6
BASC0056Quantitative Methods 3: Models and Inference15Students are advised to have completed a suitable quantitative module, BASC0005. Alternatively, anyone with a good mathematical background as the mathematics involved is very basic.Level 6
BENG0032Advanced Materials, Devices and Manufacturing Processes for Regenerative Medicine15BENG0011Level 6
BENG0085Design and Manufacture of Regenerative Medicine Drug Products15BENG0011Level 6
CEGE0015Environmental Systems15 Level 6
CEGE0020Systems, Society and Sustainability15 Level 6
CEGE0023Coastal and Offshore Engineering15Basic principles of fluid mechanicsLevel 6
CEGE0025Engineering and International Development15 Level 6
CHEM0030Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry15CHEM0014 or CHEM0015Level 6
CHEM0034Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry15CHEM0016Level 6
CHEM0037Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry15CHEM0019 or CHEM0022Level 6
COMP0017Computability and Complexity Theory15BASC0038, BASC0040 and COMP0009Level 6
COMP0024Artificial Intelligence and Neural Computing15A strong background in university level Maths, particularly logicLevel 6
COMP0034Web Development15COMP0015 and COMP0035Level 6
COMP0035Systems Engineering15COMP0034Level 6
COMP0142Machine Learning for Domain Specialists15Competency in basic probability and calculusLevel 6
ECON0001Economics of Financial Markets15ECON0013Level 6
ECON0023International Trade15ECON0013 and ECON0019Level 6
ECON0027Game Theory
(not suitable for students who have already taken BASC0017)
15A strong ability in logical reasoningLevel 6
ECON0050Economics of the Public Sector15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 6
ECON0051Economics of the Public Sector15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007 and MATH0012Level 6
GEOL0023Crustal Dynamics, Mountain Building and Basin Evolution
(this is a fieldtrip which students are required to fund themselves)
15GEOL0004, GEOL0006 and GEOL0010Level 6
GEOL0025Earth Resources and Sustainability15Any Level 4 or 5 GEOL-coded moduleLevel 6
HPSC****Any ONE of the Level 6 modules available
(available as a Sciences and Engineering choice to students majoring in this pathway only)
15 Level 6
MATH****Any of the Level 6 modules shown on this webpage15 Level 6
PHAS0037Physical Cosmology15Basic Maths and Physics skillsLevel 6
PHAS0042Quantum Mechanics15PHAS0022. PHAS0023 is also recommendedLevel 6
PHAS0050Climate and Energy15PHAS0024 or equivalentLevel 6
PHAS0057Physics of the Earth15PHAS0011 and MATH0012Level 6
STEP****Any ONE of the Level 6 modules available
(available as a Sciences and Engineering choice to students majoring in this pathway only)
15 Level 6

In addition to the choices above, BASc students may also wish to consider modules offered as minors under the Integrated Engineering Programme.

Students should check the online module catalogue for assessment details and the confirmed term a module is scheduled to run.