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Ahead of the Curve – Welcome to UCL Arts & Humanities

Welcome to the UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities. You’ve joined a vibrant community of scholars, teachers and students who are passionate about the arts and humanities and their role in making sense of our world – and who are committed to sharing that passion with others.

I'm just ahead of the curve. – taken from The Dark Knight, written and directed by UCL English alumnus, Christopher Nolan (English 1993)

As soon-to-be students in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities in autumn 2022 our event series, Ahead of the Curve welcomes you to the Faculty. Your time in UCL Arts & Humanities will be full of opportunities to explore new things, to reflect critically on new ideas, and to engage with new people.

As well as the Welcome Festival and departmental induction programmes, we have arranged a handful of events to commemorate your joining UCL and the Faculty. 

Tea with the Dean

Meet the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Professor Stella Bruzzi, over tea!

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Ask us anything

Got a question? Feel free to ask our friendly undergraduate and postgraduate students from across A&H departments your questions ranging from timetables to student life.

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EDI, Wellbeing and the Faculty

Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach (Vice-Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) and Professor Samantha Rayner (Vice-Dean of Wellbeing) talk about the Faculty's EDI and Wellbeing initiatives. 

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The A&H debate

Chaired by Stella Bruzzi, hear leading academics from the Faculty debate the notion that the arts and humanities are good for our health, and vote on the most compelling argument!

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You may be interested in joining Sustainable UCL - the team that drives UCL's sustainabilty goals - and find out about their future initiatives. 

Discover Sustainability at UCL

Do you want to know more about the steps UCL is taking to reach its sustainability goals of having zero carbon buildings and a single-use plastic-free campus by 2024? Then join the Sustainability team for this virtual presentation and Q&A with UCL's Sustainability Director, Richard Jackson.

Learn about Sustainability at UCL

More information about your journey to UCL