History of Art


PhD Students

This page lists our current PhD students. For our recently completed PhD students, click here

Alexandra Ault

Alexandra Ault

Proof of the proof: the Printsellers Association and fine art publishing c 1847-1920


Nicholas Babbington

Held to Account: British Caricature and the Financial Discourse of the Late Eighteenth Century

Jacob Badcock

Jacob Badcock

Whiteness, Technics, and Time: On the Antiblack Materiality of Data

Will Ballantyne-Reid

Will Ballantyne-Reid

Derek Jarman, Painter: Activism, Archives and Ephemera

Caitrín Barrett-Donlon

Caitrín Barrett-Donlon

Revisioning: Art Historical and Museum Approaches to Dance and the Choreography of Yvonne Rainer


Gabriella Beckhurst

Leave No Trace: Environment, Identity and Affect in Artists’ Video, Photography and Performance, 1970-2008


Helene Engnes Birkeli

Automating Inquisition: Censorship of Gender and Sexual Expression in Online Content Moderation


Corinna Canali

Automating Inquisition: Censorship of Gender and Sexual Expression in Online Content Moderation

Cora Chalaby

Cora Chalaby

Control Systems: Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Howardena Pindell and Alma Thomas’s Orderly Abstractions


Edward Christie

Beyond Eco Art: Mobilising Post-War (Anti-)Modern Art History Against the Climate Crisis

Clery landscape

Daisy Clery

Vija Celmins and the object

Tom Cornelius

Tom Cornelius

American Surfaces: Topographies of the New West'


Ann Coxon

New Tapestry: Textile Art in Europe, 1960-1979

Gassman de Sousa

Bea Gassman de Sousa

Nigerian Modernism as an African epistemology

Freya Field Donovan

Freya Field-Donovan

A Strange American Funeral: Proletarian Dance in 1930s America


Danae Filioti

The Relief in Relief: Belatedness in British, Concrete and Constructive Art 1949-69


Michael Green

Thinking Back: Artistic Returns to H.D.


Glasgow Hardie

Uncertain Bodies: The Transient Nature of Colour in Early Modern Italy


Alison Harpur

Visual Culture and the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-1445)


Millie Horton-Insch

Race, Gender and Textiles in Eleventh and Twelfth-Century England

Amber Husain

Amber Husain

Psychosomatics of Refusal: British art and biopower, 1982–1998


Catherine Ingrams

Immanent forms and latent creatures: artistic networks in Italy, 1947-1958

Chloe Julius

Chloe Julius

1990s ‘Jewish Art’ in the Context of Twentieth-Century American Art and Criticism


Murad Khan

Ontogeny’s Exhaust: Noise, Race and the Individuation of Thought


Ivan Knapp

Meme-work: Psychoanalysis and the alt-right


Talia Kwartler

Suzanne Duchamp Does More Intelligent Things Than Paint


Jacqueline Mabey

This Must Be the Place: Mapping Artistic Kinship and Economic Change in Downtown New York, 1973–1987

marinelli landscape

Alice Marinelli

The 'Caravaggisti' Problem: Replication, Differentiation, Innovation and the Function of Religious Painting in the Picture Gallery


Victoria McKenzie

A Return to the Soil: An Ecofeminist re-reading through the lens of Blackness of Darwinian Evolutionism

Emilia Pearce

Emilia Pearce

The Sound of Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Painting


Domenico Pino

Printmaking in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1734–1799)


Manuela Portales Sanfuentes

Thinking the Ornament: Collecting, Classifying and Displaying Decorative Arts in Latin American Museums


Caitlin Powell

Subtractive Posthumanism: Rethinking Received Notions of the Reproductive Body in Weimar Germany


Marina Rovelli

Arts of metals in Milan (1450-1499)

Schmidt-Rimpler Dinh

Kalvin Schmidt-Rimpler Dinh

Tracing Afrosurrealism, circa 1930–2020


Kimberley Schreiber

Photography and the American Carceral State, 1964-1980


Louis Shankar

‘Living and Dying In The Shadow Of Forward Motion’ — A psychoanalyic analysis of the art, writing, and activism of David Wojnarowic

Tania Sheikhan project image

Tania Sheikhan

Through the Lens of Fashion: Politics and Identity in Napoleonic Court, 1804-1815


Petra Sikic

Gesture and the Body in Early Modern Italy


Daisy Silver

Consumed by Modernism: Design Encounters within the Axis of Mexico and California


Glynnis Stevenson

The bleus and the blancs: Political Fractures and Fluidity at the 1889 Exposition universelle


Cecilia Stinton

Embodying Abstraction: The Multimedia Works of Wassily Kandinsky, Natalia Goncharova and Kurt Schwitters, 1909-1928

Van Straten

Rebecca Van Straten

Typing a History of Italian Photography


Helena Vilalta

Beyond 'Information': Embodied Conceptualism circa 1970


Vladimir Vilde

Comparison of Painting Lining Methods for Historic House Environments


Kitty Whittell

Clear Boundaries: Interfaces and Art from 1965 – 2019

Baylee Woodley

Baylee Woodley

Forsaken Femininities: The Long History of Femininity from Medieval to Modern and from Monstrous to Divine