History of Art


Daen Palma Huse

PhD supervisor: Dr Emily Floyd and Dr Nicholas Robbins
Working title for PhD: Transient Visuals: Hand-Held Ephemera in Nineteenth-Century Peru

My doctoral research project analyses a range of ephemeral hand-held media and their visual, cultural, and historical significance in the context of nineteenth-century Peru. A focus lies on identifying the role that these media played in challenging predominant norms around religion, politics, sexuality and identity formation, as satirical commentary, or subversive societal critique. Falling outside of what has traditionally been defined as visual arts, these portable objects include, but are not limited to, cartes-de-visite, promotional cards, playing cards, and separately sold single sheets of cartoons and illustrations that were made in Lima using different printing and photographic reproduction techniques.


  • “Maya Stanfield-Mazzi: Clothing the New World Church” (review), Object, Volume 23, Issue 1, 2022

  • (Ed) Amy By Ram (London: DPH Production, 2018)

  • “Laura Esquivel and Like Water for Chocolate”, The Protagonist Magazine, Issue 04, 2018

  • “Nights of Sleepless Love: Federico García Lorca”, The Protagonist Magazine, Issue 04, 2018

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  • “The Danger of ‘Travelling’ Theories and how to make International Relations Theory more International”, Archipelago Journal, Issue 01, 2013


  • Thoma Foundation Art of the Spanish Americas Exploratory Travel Award Fall 2022
  • London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP) Open Studentship Award 2022-2023
  • Association for Art History Doctoral & Early Career Research Bursary 2022
  • Senior Fellowship of The Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
  • Artes-CEEH Travel Scholarship 2021-22
  • Nominated for ACTA Award for Best Photography Exhibition 2018 with Ram Shergill ‘Exoskeleton’, Leica Gallery West Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • POLSIS International Relations Prize 2012, best dissertation in the department of political science, University of Birmingham
  • Christ College Brecon Academic Scholarship 2007
  • Nolan Powell Art Travel Award 2007

Conference Papers and Presentations:

  • “The Intelligent Player: An Education in Playing Cards”, Intelligent Houses and Gardens / Intérieurs et jardins intelligents: The rhetoric of domestic objects and of their representations in the British Isles and the American Colonies from the late 16th century to the late 18th century, Panel: “Domestic Practices”, Sorbonne Nouvelle, 8 December 2022

  • “Staging a Veiled Oxymoron between Liberation and Prohibition: The Tapada in Nineteenth-Century Peru”, Emerging Researchers Symposium, Transgression and Liminality in Iberian and Latin American Art, Panel “Reconsidering the Borders of the Mind and the Body”, Durham University, 8 July 2022

  • “Flutter, Swoosh and Thwack: Resistance in a Playing Card Deck in Nineteenth-Century Lima”, PILAS Annual Conference, Repair, Resistance, and Resilience in Latin America, Panel “Artistic Resistance in Material Culture”, Cambridge University, 7 July 2022

  • “Global Exchanges: A Narrative Playing Card Deck in Nineteenth-Century Lima”, Graduate Symposium, Cross-Pollination: New Modes of Comparison, Panel: “Trans-Mediality”, University of Oregon, 9 April 2022

  • “The Narrative of a Playing Card Deck in Nineteenth-Century Lima”, Association for Art History (AAH), Annual Conference, Panel: Transnationality in the Nineteenth-Century: “Decolonising Networks of Exchange, Circulation and Exhibition”, AAH, 8 April 2022

  •  “Found in Translation: Navigating Language in Research”, Panel Event funded by the History of Art Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Board, UCL History of Art Department, 3 June 2021

  • “Marzipan Architecture”, PhD Research Projects 2020 – Exhibition & Conference, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, 18 February 2020

  • “A Career in Arts Publishing”, Careers Panel MSc Marketing, 2018

  • “Personal Branding and Creative Marketing”, Ravensbourne, 2018

  • “Arts Journalism and Independent Publishing”, Plymouth College of Art, 2017

  • “Curating an Exhibition”, Falmouth University, 2016

Media appearances/outreach work 

  • Sambourne House, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Museums, London, UK 2021
    Researcher, Writer & Director of a four-part documentary series "Calling at the Sambournes"
    • liaised with archivists and carryied out archival research to conceptualise and produce episodes
    • wrote scripts, directed and presented:
    The Cartoonist's Camera: A View into Edward Linley Sambourne's World of Illustration and Cyanotype 
    Dinner Invitation 1887: Staging of a Victorian Table 
    Eating the Sea: Oyster Culture in Nineteenth-Century London 
  • Ram Shergill Photographic Archive & The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK 2018
    Acquisition Manager, Editor and Publisher of the book “Amy by Ram”
    • managed the acquisition of photographic prints of Amy Winehouse on behalf of the artist Ram Shergill
    • conceptualised a book publication based on research at the photographer’s archive
    • commissioned contributors and oversaw production of the publication
    • developed a social media promotion plan with the team at the NPG
    • managed international sales of the artist book and press coverage in GQ, L’Officiel, BBC radio