Institute of Archaeology


Graduate modules

Further details of graduate modules are available below. Please note not all modules are available every year.

 All optional graduate modules available in 2023-24

CodeModule TitleCredits 
ARCL0135Aegean Prehistory: Major Themes and Current Debates15
ARCL0096Archaeobotanical Analysis in Practice15
ARCL0102Archaeological Ceramic Analysis15
ARCL0160Archaeological Data Science15
ARCL0154Archaeology of Buddhism15
ARCL0153Archaeological Heritage Management in Asia15
ARCL0152 Archaeologies of Asia15
ARCL0145Archaeologies of Modern Conflict15
ARCL0212 Archaeology of Early Human Origins 15
ARCL0210Archaeology of the Silk Roads15
ARCL0232Biomolecular Archaeology 15
ARCL0161Complexity, Space and Human History15
ARCL0189Critical Heritage Research Skills 15
ARCL0149Critical Perspectives on Cultural Heritage15
ARCL0121Cultural Memory15
ARCL0148Digital Heritage: Applications in Heritage Management15
ARCL109 Dispersals, Extinctions, and Intensification in the Later Palaeolithic 15
ARCL0129Environmental Archaeology in Practice15
ARCL0131Exhibition Project15
ARCL0087Exploratory Data Analysis in Archaeology15
ARCL0156Funerary Archaeology15
ARCL0097Geoarchaeology 15
ARCL0095Geographic Information Systems Approaches to Past Landscapes15
ARCL0094 Geographic Information Systems in Archaeology and History15
ARCL0143Geophysical Survey in Archaeology 15
ARCL0199Heritage Ethics and Archaeological Practice in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa15
ARCL0100 Interpreting Pottery15
ARCL0159 Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Language15
ARCL0113Investigating and Understanding Objects15
ARCL0170Laboratory and Instrumental Skills in Archaeological Science15
ARCL0081Late Egyptian Language and Texts15
ARCL0162Making and Meaning in Ancient Greek Art15
ARCL0108Managing Archaeological Sites30
ARCL0086Medieval Archaeology: Selected Topics and Current Issues15
ARCL0200Middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age of the Near East15
ARCL0101Prehistoric Stone Artefact Analysis15
ARCL0215Presenting the Past to the Public15
ARCL0091Public Archaeology30
ARCL0128Resources and Subsistence 15
ARCL0155 Social Complexity in Early China: From the Neolithic to the Early Empire15
ARCL0103Spatial Statistics, Network Analysis and Human History15
ARCL0169Technology within Society15
ARCL0138The Mediterranean World in the Iron Age 15
ARCL0147 Themes and Debates in Egyptian Archaeology15
ARCL0178Themes and Debates in Islamic Archaeology and Heritage15
ARCL0123 Themes in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology30
ARCL0134Themes, Thought and Theory in World Archaeology: Current Topics15
ARCL0133 Themes, Thought and Theory in World Archaeology: Foundations15
ARCL0211Working with Artefacts and Assemblages30

Please note not all modules are available every year, and some modules have restrictions or are limited to specific degrees. For the latest information, including terms, times and classrooms, please contact Lisa Daniel.


Code Module titleCredits
ARCL0198African Heritage15
ARCL0126 Antiquities and the Law15
ARCL0127Archaeology and Education15
ARCL0099 Archaeological Glass and Glazes15
ARCL0137Aztec Archaeology: Codices and Ethnohistory15
ARCL0146British and European Prehistory : Neolithic to Iron Age 15
ARCL0172Comparative Archaeologies of the Americas I: First People to Emerging Complexity15
ARCL0188Comparative Archaeologies of the Americas II : Empires, states and settlement15
ARCL0082Coptic Language and Culture15
ARCL0136Egyptian Archaeology Through the Petrie Museum: an Object-Based Theoretical Approach15
ARCL0124Evolution of Human Brain and Behaviour15
ARCL0219Interpreting Collections 15
ARCL0164 Making and Meaning in Ancient Roman Art15
ARCL0120Maya Art, Architecture and Archaeology15
ARCL0141Mediterranean Prehistory 15
ARCL0151Neolithic and early Bronze Age of the Near East: The emergence of villages and urban societies15
ARCL0080Old and Middle Egyptian Texts15