Institute of Archaeology


Archival Material

The UCL Institute of Archaeology has a range of archival material that is available for consultation on request.

The archival material includes field records associated with excavated material held in the Institute of Archaeology Collections, as well as items relating to the history of the Institute and its staff.

Readers wishing to consult this material should contact staff at UCL Library Services' Special Collections and make an appointment to view it. Some material (but not all) is listed on the UCL Library Services' archives database

Highlights of the archives include

  • Air Survey Photographs: Covering Egypt, Sudan, Transjordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Southeast Asia
  • Childe, Gordon: Including copyright collection, notebooks, publication proofs
  • Caton-Thompson, Gertrude: field notebooks, negatives, newspaper cuttings, letters, articles
  • De Navarro: photographs, catalogues, misc.
  • Dunscombe-Col, Harris: Khalasa, Auja Hafir and Sbeita archives
  • du Plat Taylor, Joan: Cape Gelydonia, Gravina, Survey records, typescripts
  • Garstang, John: Ashkelon, Beth Shan, Bogazköy, Tell el-'Ajjul, Tell Fara, Hazor, Jericho, Tell Beit Mersin and Sakce Gözü archives
  • Horsfield, Agnes: photographs, negatives, letters, misc.
  • Institute of Archaeology: photographs, student registers, committee minutes, letters
  • Marston, Charles: photographs, letters, newspaper cuttings, misc.
  • Matthers, John: Tell Keisan, Tell Rifa'at, Gezer archives
  • Maxwell Hyslop, Rachel: Kassura field records
  • Murray, Margaret: negatives from Egypt, Menorca, Tell el-'Ajjul
  • Petrie, William Matthew Flinders: Tell el-'Ajjul, Anthedon, Tell Fara, Tell Jemmeh field records, photographs, glass plates
  • Seton-Williams, Veronica: Cilician survey, Sakce Gözü, Tell Jedeideh, Syrian Survey, Tell Keisan, Tell Rifa'at, Emminoglu, Dagh Danli, field records, photographs, letters, tour notes, misc.
  • Tylecote Collection
  • Wertime Iran Survey
  • Wheeler, Sir Mortimer: correspondence, lecture notes and a wide range of assorted materials from throughout his career.
  • Wheeler, Tessa: notebooks, correspondence, papers relating to Verulamium archaeological site.
  • Woolley, Charles Leonard: Al Mina, Atchana, India survey, Leptis Magna field records, photographs, negatives, letters, misc.
  • Zeuner, Frederick: photographs, offprints, newspaper cuttings.

For further information about these resources, please contact: