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Towards Inclusive Digital Museum Innovation

Towards Inclusive Digital Museum Innovation is a cross-disciplinary research network primarily between the UK and South Korea.

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The overarching aim of this project is to bring South Korea's advancements in digital technology and the digital game industry and the UK's socially engaged museum practices into dialogue with each other in order to explore inclusive approaches to the digital transformation of arts and heritage organisations. In particular, this project aims to motivate museums to take actions to mitigate global challenges of digital inequality in society, improve our understanding of digital ethics regarding museum practices, and explore the potential benefits of digital gaming towards equity, diversity, and inclusion in museums (EDI).

This project provides opportunities for museums to look at their digital initiatives and discuss practical actions to take to implement inclusion in digitally enhanced ways. Over 18 months, museum professionals, academics, activists, and social enterprises will join the network for a series of thematic workshops exploring the three key themes, namely Technology, Culture & Ethics, the Digital Divide, and Inclusive Technology.

This project takes advantage of the two countries' strengths in digital innovation and their cultural and creative industries to make not only an academic contribution to the identification and development of themes and topics around digital inequality and the social responsibility of museums in the digital age, but also practical contributions to museums and other collecting institutions.

The academic contributions of this project will include newly collected qualitative data on case studies of inclusive digital museum innovations in the UK and South Korea, advanced theoretical and conceptual discussions around digital inequality, inclusiveness, well-being, and the social responsibility of museums in a digital age, joint publications and the jointly organised international conference where key knowledge accumulated from the project will be shared.

Digital Museum Innovation conference - July 2023

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