Institute of Archaeology


Shahrizor Research Project

This research project entails researching archaeological and environmental change in the Shahrizor using interdisciplinary methods and social-ecological modelling.

Current research has focused on recovering sedimentary data and phytoliths from valley regions of the Shahrizor to get a preliminary idea of land use and environmental change in the region during different periods.

Related outputs

  • Altaweel, M., Marsh, A., Muhl, S., Nieuwenhuyse, O., Radner, K., Rasheed, K., and Saber, S. In press. New Investigations in the Environment, History, and Archaeology of the Iraqi Hilly Flanks: Shahrizor Survey Project 2009-2011. Iraq.


  • Funding has previously been obtained from the United States State Department and the British Institute for the Study of Iraq