Institute of Archaeology


Salinisation in Mesopotamia

This is a research project on the salinisation of ancient and modern Mesopotamia.

This project incorporates social-ecological modelling, remote sensing, and GIS methods to understand land use change and hydrologic change affecting salinisation along different settlement regions in central and southern Mesopotamia.

Related outputs

  • Altaweel, M. and Watanabe, C. 2012. Assessing the resilience of irrigation agriculture: Applying a social-ecological model for understanding the mitigation of salinization. Journal of Archaeological Science 39(4), 1160-1171.
  • Altaweel, M. Addressing the structure and dynamics of archaeological landscapes in the Ashur and Diyala region. In: P. Miglus and S. Muhl (eds.), Between the Cultures: The Central Tigris Region from the 3rd to the 1st Millennium BC.


  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology