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Project description

The Rapa Nui Landscapes of Construction project is directed by Sue Hamilton (Principal Investigator) and Colin Richards (University of Manchester, UK: Co-Investigator) in collaboration with Bournemouth University, UK (Kate Welham: Co-Investigator), the Chilean National Parks Authority, Rapa Nui (Susana Nahoe) and the Museo Antropologico Padre Sebastian Englert, Rapa Nui (Francisco Torres H.). The Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA), University of Highlands and Islands is a Project Partner. Funding has been provided by the AHRC (2011-17) and the British Academy (2009).

This collection of images was taken during the Spring 2008 and 2009 seasons of the Rapa Nui Landscapes of Construction project.

Rapa Nui is the local name for Easter Island, one of the remotest places on earth, measuring just 170 square km. It is best known for its iconic statues, which were carved and set up 1000 - 1500 AD. The project aims to treat the construction activities associated with the statues and other aspects of island architecture as a whole, involving mapping, surveying, and excavation on an island-wide basis. In particular, the researchers are investigating the resources, locations, construction elements and conceptual aspects that link the different places associated with the statues, from their carving in the quarries through their transport along roads to their final positioning on ceremonial platforms near the coast.

A new project website is currently under development. In the meantime, to find out more about the project please contact Sue Hamilton.