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Gresham Ship Project

The Gresham Ship Project is a five year post excavation collaborative research programme (2007-2012) coordinated by UCL. This project investigates the research questions posed by the discovery and excavation of a 16th century wooden merchant ship by the Port of London Authority and Wessex Archaeology in 2004. The key elements of the Gresham Ship Project are: the hull studies programme, the finds studies programme, the outreach programme, and the eventual deposition of the site archive.

Related outputs

Selected publications

  • Auer, J., Milne, G., & Sully, D. 2014 The Gresham Ship. Oxbow Books.
  • Auer, J., & A. Firth, 2007 "The Gresham Ship: an interim report on a sixteenth century wreck from Princes Channel, Thames Estuary",  Journal of Post-Medieval Archaeology 42: 2
  • Birch, T. 2009 "The Gresham Shipwreck: an investigation into the iron bars-research so far". The European Archaeologist Issue No.32 Winter 2009/2010 8-10.

Other outputs

  • A featured project on BBC's series "Digging for Britain" 2010
  • Temporary Exhibition: "2009 a Thames Odyssey" used to support events at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, a conference at the Museum in Docklands, a conference held by the Thames Discovery Programme, and exhibited at Conway Museum.


  • Port of London Authority (PLA)