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Excavations at Roca dels Bous, Spain

The Roca dels Bous rockshelter (Catalunya, Spain) is located at the foot of a rocky outcrop on the concave side of a large, narrowly incised meander of the river Segre that now forms a reservoir.

Roca dels Bous contains a late Middle Palaeolithic sequence, the upper levels of which are dated to between 38-47 kyr. Since 2001, Ignacio de la Torre has co-led fieldwork at this site, which has focused on the excavations of levels 10 and 12.

Study of hearths, lithics, and lithic refits, as well as analysis of fossil bones, the spatial configuration of the archaeological remains, etc, is providing exciting information about adaptations of late Neanderthals in the South of the Pyrenees.

Related outputs

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  • Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology