Institute of Archaeology


The 2017 Excavation

The 2017 excavation took place between Monday, 26 June - Sunday, 6 August 2017. This involved the continued excavation of trench 1, where we have reached the natural in parts and the continued excavation of a pit in the SW part of the trench. There was also a huge backlog of finds to record. 


We will stay in the dig-house on the Bronze Age tell of Bobald in Carei.

Working hours

Finds recording

We work eight hours on the excavation from Monday to Friday, followed by two hours of post-excavation work (washing, labelling and recording finds, re-fitting, processing and sorting botanical samples, surveying, archiving photographs). Saturday is free, and there will be optional field-trips on Sunday.


There will be lectures on the local archaeology, the early Neolithic of Southeast and Central Europe and archaeological methods every week by scholars from UCL, the Satu Mare Museum and other institutions.

You will be trained in basic excavation techniques, drawing and recording, the use of a dumpy-level and the total station as well as basic recording techniques of finds and bucket-flotation. If interested, you can also receive additional tuition in the identification of pottery and lithics.

Surveying using a Total Station

Field trips

We have optional field-trips on Sundays. These can be between 4-12 h long. We will visit local archaeological museums and sites, as well as folklore collections, sites of natural interest, and historic cities and villages. You will also have a good chance of exploring the local landscape and some of the world-heritage Transylvanian Wooden Churches.

We may also organise short trips in the evenings for special-interest groups. Field-trips are charged extra.

Fees (for 2017)

Category A

Western Europe including Cyprus and Malta, Israel, South Africa, North-America, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
£270 UK STG per week

Category B

Central & Eastern Europe (according to the EAA-criteria, cf. http://e-a-a.org/membership.htm):
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, TRNC, Turkey
£200 UK STG per week


Please enquire individually (email to Ulrike Sommer)