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Coin hoards of the Roman Republic

Kris Lockyear has been collecting and analysing data regarding Roman Republican coin hoards since 1989. The database now consists of over 100,000 well identified coins.

This database has been extensively (but not exhaustively) analysed and has resulted in a number of papers and a book. In particular, Kris' examination of Michael Crawford's controversial die estimates has become a key paper in the debate. Fresh data is added to the database on a regular basis, and analyses on various aspects of the hoards are still being undertaken.

The American Numismatic Society has created a web-based implementation of the database  - CHRR Online, available here»

Related outputs

Selected publications

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  • 'The devil is in the detail:  politics, economics and the study of Roman Republican coin hoards' delivered to the Roman Discussion Forum, Oxford University, 1st June 2011.