Institute of Archaeology



BigPicnic will engage a wide range of audiences across the EU with the topic of food security, a topic of major concern for the future and one that will have far reaching impact on personal expenditure, health and lifestyle.

The term 'Big Picnic' is used as a metaphor throughout the project and reflects the importance of maintaining sustainable food production and distribution, as well as the social dimension of sharing food between friends and family with food as a cultural and social link.

Audience representatives, together with experts on the various aspects topic of food security, will work as co-creation teams to develop country-specific outreach exhibitions and activities about food security. These exhibitions will be taken out to audience friendly venues, to raise awareness of food security issues and to facilitate public dialogue and deliberations around the future of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) on food security.

Follow-up online and digital activities will also be developed to snowball the awareness and to engage audiences at home. Overall through the face-to-face interactions the project is anticipated to engage with 8000 people across 13 countries (12 European and one in Africa), however through technology and social media the project reach will be maximised with an expected 90,000 engaged through take home challenges and other activities, as well as a further 200,000 through social media.


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