Institute of Archaeology


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Neolithikum

The workgroup on the Neolithic is a loose association of mainly German-language scholars interested in research on the Neolithic worldwide.

The group meets once a year, normally as a section of one of the German-antiquarian societies. It annually publishes Varia Neolithica/Fokus Neolithikum as the proceedings of these meetings.

Related outputs

  • Wer hat Dornröschen aufgeweckt? (in press) In: Stäuble, H. and S. Wolfram (eds.), Taphonomie. Fokus Jungsteinzeit - Berichte der AG Neolithikum 3. Kerpen, Welt und Erde-Verlag.
  • Keynote Lecture in the Session Taphonomy, Tagung des West- und Süddeutschen Verbandes 2010 in Nurmeberg.