Institute of Archaeology


Pang Rui



Rui's background in managing archaeological sites in China has provided her with an in-depth knowledge of policy and collaboration between diverse groups of administrative and private individuals. Her current work with the International Centre for Chinese Heritage & Archaeology and the Arcadia-funded project Survey and Digital Documentation of Endangered Temple Wall Paintings in Shanxi has further given her the opportunity to work with prominent researchers and conservators as well as the institutional bodies critical to such endeavours. Additionally, she is working with colleagues from Northwest University (Xi'an, China) on the Study on Interpretation and Presentation along the Silk Roads, Qinghai Corridor Archaeological Survey and its Silk Roads World Heritage Nomination. In 2014 Rui began teaching the MA course Archaeological Heritage Management and was subsequently nominated for the UCLU Student Choice Teaching Award – congrats Rui! Her interpersonal skills have allied professionals and projects with measurable outcomes in the conservation of heritage sites. She is a mentor and guide to students and colleagues as well as converting everyone she encounters into ardent footy fans.