Institute of Archaeology


Dmitriy Voyakin


Dima Voyakin with Nurgozel Byashimova and Tim Williams
Dmitriy was recently appointed director of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies after successfully serving in numerous official positions and working on myriad permanent archaeological investigations such as Otrar, Kayalyk, Akyrtas as well as explorations of archaeological sites on the dry bottom of the Aral Sea. He has been a delegate to the World Heritage Committee for the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014-2017) and UNESCO international expert and member of the National Commission of the RoK for UNESCO and ISESCO since 2018. When he is not facilitating the CAAL project, he is working on a long-term mapping project which is using digital technologies to document and disseminate information about monuments and sites in Kazakhstan. He is fired up by the use of digital technologies in activating appreciation, knowledge, and protection of archaeological heritage.