Institute of Archaeology



Former colleagues often continue to participate in Institute research and teaching activities as Emeritus staff.

Aerial view of UCL (1990) - © UCL Media Services - University College London
  • Warwick Bray PhD Emeritus Professor
  • Harriet Crawford PhD Emeritus Reader
  • Ian Glover PhD Emeritus Reader († 2018)
  • James Graham-Campbell PhD Emeritus Professor 
  • David Harris PhD Emeritus Professor († 2013)
  • Mark Hassall MA Emeritus Reader
  • Fekri Hassan PhD Emeritus Professor
  • Georgina Herrmann DPhil Emeritus Reader
  • Gordon Hillman MSc Emeritus Reader († 2018)
  • Roy Hodson PhD Emeritus Professor
  • Alan Johnston DPhil Emeritus Reader 
  • Suzanne Keene PhD Emeritus Reader
  • Clive Orton MA Emeritus Professor 
  • Clifford Price PhD Emeritus Professor
  • Elizabeth Pye MA Emeritus Professor
  • Richard Reece DPhil Emeritus Reader
  • John Tait DPhil Emeritus Professor
  • Ken Thomas PhD Emeritus Professor 
  • Ruth Whitehouse PhD Emeritus Professor
  • John Wilkes PhD Emeritus Professor 
  • Peter Ucko PhD Emeritus Professor († 2007)