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Charlene Murphy - ERC Research Associate

Charlene Murphy

Research Interests

  • Origins and Spread of Agriculture
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Archaeobotany

Research Directory Records

Other Research Projects and Collaborations

  • Jacob's Island Project, Trent University: Archaeobotanist (2011-)
  • Via Consolare Project, Pompeii, Italy University of San Francisco: Ecofact Specialist (2010-)
  • Boncuklu Excavation, Turkey: Environmental Flotation Assistant (2013)
  • Ostia and Pompeii, Italy: Flotation Assistant (2013)
  • SEALINKS Project, Kirinda, Sri Lank: Environmental Assistant (2013)
  • Patanangala in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka: Survey Assistant (2013)
  • Ҫatalhöyük Excavation, Turkey Environmental: Laboratory Assistant (2012)
  • Ziyaret Tepe Excavation: Assistant Archaeobotanist (2010-2011)

Educational Background

  • University College London, Institute of Archaeology, UK
    PhD in Archaeobotany October 2006- April 2011
  • Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Canada
    Master's in Archaeobotany 2003- 2005
  • Durham College, Oshawa, ON, Canada
    Certificate in GIS Analysis 2004-2006
  • University of Toronto, St. Michael's College, Toronto, ON, Canada
    Honours BSc with a major in scientific archaeology 1997-2001

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