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Democracy: Past, Present and Future

16 February 2024

Borja Legarra Herrero (UCL Institute of Archaeology) is one of the expert panel members at a special event organised by the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences on 6 March.

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2024 marks a pivotal moment with major elections scheduled in key countries such as the UK, the US, and India.

The upcoming US Presidential election in November is set to be one of the most consequential in recent history, with implications not only for the nation but for the global landscape.

The UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences is organising a series of events hosted by experts who will delve into the pressing issues of this historic election year.

The inaugural discussion, Democracy: Past, Present, and Future, will explore the dynamics of power, reflecting on historical democratic structures and shedding light on the contemporary landscape. It will also address why the integrity of American democracy isn't fundamentally 'at stake' in the 2024 US election.

This event is free and open to all.

Further details about the event and booking link

Subsequent events in the series will unpack diverse topics including gender and sexuality, climate change, global migration and urban studies, and media and populism. The series will culminate with a reflection session in November, examining these themes in light of the election outcome.

Any enquiries about the event may be directed to: UCL Social & Historical Sciences, shs.marcomms@ucl.ac.uk

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