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Theano Moussouri on Visiting Fellowship in Sweden

7 November 2023

Theano Moussouri (UCL Institute of Archaeology) has been awarded funding from the University of Gothenburg for a Visiting Fellowship during November.

Close up headshot of a dark haired woman, wearing  a dark top and blue/grey scarf

Theano Moussouri's Visiting Fellowship at the University of Gothenburg (UGOT) is taking place during November 2023, allowing her to share her expertise in food heritage and its role in sustainable development through participating in ongoing research and training activities at the Department of Historical Studies, CCHS and the Heritage Academy.

Theano's Visiting Fellowship will help create synergies with existing UGOT teaching and contribute to the education of students in both culinary heritage and qualitative research methodology, strengthening the connection between research and education.

Her visit will add to the already existing collaboration between UCL and UGOT, and facilitate future joint collaborations with the international research community and external institutions working within heritage, food and sustainable development.

While in Sweden, Theano will give the following research presentations:

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