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Sue Hamilton joins Sky History series

28 July 2023

Sue Hamilton (UCL Institute of Archaeology) joins a new Sky History series 'Cursed Treasures' as one of the programme's team of experts.

Woman in light-coloured trousers, top and hat recording a stone statue

Sue Hamilton joins a new Sky History series 'Cursed Treasures' as one of the programme's team of experts. The new series is currently being broadcast on Wednesdays at 9pm during July and August 2023. Sue is interviewed in Episode 8, due to be shown on 3 August.

TV programme advert image with faces of a Pharaoh, Terracotta Warrior and a man with an eye injury

The History Channel series (by Monster Productions) looks at the treasures human beings have created throughout history to celebrate and revere their leaders, many of which have been plundered, hidden or lost to time. 

According to the programme makers:

… lost worlds captured the imaginations of the greatest philanthropists, collectors and even governments of the day. With vast investment explorers … mounted expeditions to go in search of the great treasures of the ages. From the Valley of the Kings to the depths of the Aegean Sea, no expense was spared in the pursuit of these priceless, mythical objects. Yet the pursuit of them sometimes came at the ultimate price.”

In Episode 8, the hunt takes us to revolutionary Russia, ancient Egypt, a remote Island in Polynesia and a picturesque village in France, where we uncover the origins of the curses surrounding the Fabergé  Eggs, the Unlucky Mummy, the Easter Island Moai and Van Gogh’s Tree Roots. 

Sue is currently writing-up her decade of work on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and a new book, The Making of Rapa Nui. She was invited to present her research as part of Stanford University's Distinguished Lecture series earlier this year.