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Secrets of Stonehenge international exhibition opens in New Zealand

9 January 2023

Mike Parker Pearson (UCL Institute of Archaeology) was invited to open the Secrets of Stonehenge exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand.

Picture of a bearded man standing outside in front of an ancient monument (Stonehenge)

In December Mike Parker Pearson opened the international exhibition 'Secrets of Stonehenge' at the Auckland War Memorial Museum in New Zealand.

The exhibition has previously been on display at various museums in Europe and north America and presents the recent discoveries of Mike's Stonehenge Riverside Project and other investigations. 

Featuring more than 300 ancient artefacts from more than 4,000 years ago including stone tools, antler picks, pottery, gold and bronze objects, these artefacts and the latest scientific evidence reveal the secrets behind one of the world’s most inspiring and sacred sites.

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