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UCL's research partnerships highlighted in KEF2022 results

28 September 2022

UCL is home to world-leading researchers and our research partnerships are integral to our knowledge exchange and impact activities.

KEF22 places UCL in the highest band for Research Partnerships

UCL has retained its position as a leading university for knowledge exchange as Research England announced the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) 2022 results this week.

UCL is home to world-leading researchers. Through partnerships, working with businesses, charities, not-for-profits and the public sector, our research has the greatest impact. KEF places UCL in the highest band for Research Partnerships. 

UCL-British Museum research partnership

UCL & The British Museum in collaboration

The UCL Institute of Archaeology formally linked up with the British Museum from 2019 to create a framework to explore and enable long-term collaboration via a series of events. The conferences, symposia, workshops and networking events covered everything from the reconstruction of ancient food systems to the colonial legacy of universities and museums. 

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