Institute of Archaeology


David Lowenthal Memorial Symposium

4 October 2022

A Memorial Symposium celebrating the work and life of Professor David Lowenthal was held at the Royal Geographical Society in London in September.

Beverley Butler (UCL Institute of Archaeology), co-organiser of the David Lowenthal Memorial Symposium (Sept 2022)

The special event, jointly organised by Eleanor Lowenthal and Beverley Butler, focused on David Lowenthal's significant contributions to different academic disciplines: Geography and Landscape studies; Cultural Heritage as well as Caribbean Studies. 

The Cultural Heritage session consisted of presentations on David Lowenthal's foundational influence on this domain and comprised of the following papers/ speakers:

  • 'The Past - What's New?', Cornelius Holtorf, UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures, Linnaeus University Sweden
  • 'Heritage Questing with David Lowenthal',  Beverley Butler, UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 'The Past is Taxiang (other places): Responses from an early-career East Asian Lowenthal reading group', David Francis, Kings College London

A final afternoon session offered a space for friends and family to share more personal memories of David. 

The event was supported by the UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies and University of Gothenberg Centre for Critical Heritage Studies