Institute of Archaeology


Annual Report of the Institute of Archaeology now available online

12 December 2022

Volumes 1-13 of the Annual Report of the Institute of Archaeology are now available online as an open access journal through the Internet Archive and UCL Digital Collections.

Male student sitting on a high stool at the end of a library corridor surrounded by bookshelves

The Reports were produced between 1937 and 1958 and constituted the Institute’s original ‘in house’ journal. Their creation was a pioneering initiative; the first archaeological journal produced by a university in Britain. The initiative to digitise the Reports came from the Institute of Archaeology Library and was funded by UCL Special Collections.

Three black hardcover books

The Reports are valuable for reconstructing the history of the Institute and the post-war teaching of archaeology in universities more generally. Administrative reports from departments (Environmental Archaeology, Library, ‘Technical’, and Photography) outlined projects and activities.

The annual Director’s report recorded teaching activities, exhibitions, excavations, collections, student numbers, and lectures from visiting scholars. Each volume contained research articles by internationally-renown scholars, current students, and former students.  

The Reports provide multiple avenues for research, offering new insights into the history of archaeology, archaeological literature, and most specifically, the Institute of Archaeology. 

Digitisation of the Annual Report of the Institute of Archaeology as an open access journal makes its content freely available and raises its research potential, opening it up to new audiences and helping to raise awareness of the rich and significant history of the Institute of Archaeology and the Institute’s role in the development of archaeology as a discipline, both within the UK and internationally.