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New two-volume publication on Neolithic Spaces

27 January 2021

Two new volumes, Neolithic Spaces, have been published recently by the Accordia Research Institute in their Specialist Studies on Italy series.

Neolithic Spaces Vol 1 (published by Accordia Research Institute) - bookcover

The two-volume study by Sue Hamilton (UCL Institute of Archaeology), Ruth Whitehouse (Emeritus Professor, UCL), and colleagues are the culmination of substantial fieldwork from 2002-10, funded by the British Academy, the UCL Institute of Archaeology and the National University of Ireland Galway. The volumes provide a large-scale synthetic survey of the Neolithic sites (villaggi trincerati – ditched villages) of the Tavoliere plain, southeast Italy, one of the most important world regions for the scale of early Neolithic settlement.

Volume 1, Social and Sensory Landscapes of the First Farmers of Italy additionally introduces new methods of sensory archaeology that have wide applications in archaeology as a whole; and Volume 2, The Bradford Archive of Aerial Photographs by Mike Seager Thomas, provides a significant, interpreted resource of aerial photographs maps and ground-truthed material for the ditched villages.

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