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Archaeology is having a moment on TikTok

19 August 2021

Brenna Hassett (UCL Institute of Archaeology) was interviewed recently for Stylist magazine about the increasing interest in all things archaeological on TikTok!

Brenna Hassett

Archaeology is apparently trending on Tiktok with students, academics and eager hobbyists using it to share their latest find!

Brenna Hassett was interviewed recently for an article in Stylist magazine's new learning hub, The Curiosity Academy, about how to get involved in archaeology. 

Brenna strongly supports making the field of archaeology accessible to new audiences, especially women and girls. She is one of four female academic co-founders of TrowelBlazers, an online platform born from a Twitter conversation, that celebrates the historical and present-day contributions of women to the ‘digging sciences’ of archaeology, paleontology and geology.

Brenna is currently Co-Investigator on the AHRC-funded research project 'Radical Death and Early State Formation in the Ancient Near East', based at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. She is the author of The Times Top 10 Science Book of 2017 Built On Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death (Bloomsbury). She has also recently established her own TikTok account!

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