Institute of Archaeology


Prizes awarded to Institute undergraduate students 2020

22 September 2020

Congratulations to the UCL Institute of Archaeology undergraduate students who have been awarded departmental prizes for the 2019-20 academic session.

View of UCL Institute of Archaeology from Gordon Square Gardens (Image: Lisa Daniel)

Institute of Archaeology Prizes awarded to BA and BSc Students

Sessional Prizes for outstanding First and Second-year Undergraduates

First year students

  • Thomas Cooper
  • Elizabeth Feldhake
  • Esme Gianfrancesco
  • Victoria Igary
  • Juan Pala Gutierrez
  • Hannah Rhodes
  • Iris Rosas de Oliveira
  • Mayuka Saegusa
  • Christopher Skoyles
  • Hiu Yu Eponine Wong
  • Xuezhu Zhao

Second year students

  • Adela Cebeiro Munin  
  • Isla Lury

Gordon Childe Prize for outstanding performance

  • Finn Stileman         

Peter Ucko Prize for Archaeology and Anthropology

  • Hamizah Binti Afandi
  • Eve Drysdale  
  • Tonia Lawes

Roy Hodson Prize for Prehistory

  • Caragh Murphy-Collinson 

Peter Dorrell Prize for Photography

  • Skye Neal
  • Ines Phillipson

Hellyar Prize for outstanding contributions to the life and work of the Institute of Archaeology

  • Hannah Gibbs

Bryan Clauson Prize for Roman Archaeology

  • Adrien Benabou
  • Toby Jackson         

W F Grimes Prize for Environmental Archaeology

  • Mimaansa Ghildiyal 

Irene Sala Prize for Lithic studies

  • Fahmida Begum 

Norah Moloney Prize for Fieldwork

  • Alexander Allen
  • Hannah Gibbs
  • Tonia Lawes

Norah Moloney Prize for Palaeolithic Archaeology

  • Finn Stileman

IAMS Prize for Archaeometallurgy

  • Lily Carter