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Let's Play: Games as Connection

9 June 2020

A new virtual exhibition created by MA Museum Studies students at the UCL Institute of Archaeology was launched recently and will run until mid April 2021.

Dice (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

“Humans are only human when they play.” - Friedrich Schiller, 1794

Why do we play games? Games do more than just provide an opportunity for fun; gaming connects people across time, place, struggles and communities. The new virtual exhibition, Let’s Play: Games as Connection, showcases a variety of games from across the globe, illustrating the universal nature of games no matter the cultural background.

We connect with people in the past when we see the similarity of an Ancient Egyptian board game to games played today. We connect with people across the world when we realise how many others enjoy Nintendo games and watch the Olympics. We take pride in the identities we forge and the friends we make through the games we play.

Even in times of adversity, games are there to promote well-being by helping people to overcome barriers in their lives in creative and playful ways. Games change over time and vary from place to place, but the bond over the shared enjoyment of games endures. It is hoped that ‘Let’s Play’, the temporary virtual exhibition created by MA Museum Studies students, will inspire people to take a break, play a game and reconnect.

The exhibition is free and available online until April 2021.

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