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Handling History with Sarah Dhanjal - Part 1

10 June 2020

UCL Institute of Archaeology alumna Sarah Dhanjal has written a series of blogs for the UCL Public Engagement Unit about museum work that happens outside the public eye.

Sarah Dhanjal in action at a primary school (Image courtesy of UCL PEU)

Sarah Dhanjal was an undergraduate and graduate student at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, moving into a career working in engagement with many of London’s museums and collections.

In this series for the UCL Public Engagement Unit, Sarah highlights her experiences using different collections with primary school children. In her first blog post, she discusses the development of boxes of objects for outreach and why we should encourage handling of even ancient and precious things.

Sarah concludes as follows:

If social – physical – distancing is to become a part of our society, perhaps we need to think about how archaeology can be more accessible and useful at a distance. It will always be a thrill and a privilege to handle an object that someone held in their hands two thousand years ago.

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