Institute of Archaeology


Engaging with Independent Research Organisations: Exploring Research, Policy and Practice Interfaces

30 January 2020

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area team, based at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, have organised a conference which aims to explore the opportunities and challenges of working across institutions and the interfaces of research, policy and practice.

AHRC Heritage Priority Area (logo)

The current UK research capacity and funding programme frameworks encourage cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary research to drive innovation and maximise the impact of investments, realised by creating strong partnerships across sectors, flexible environments and joint successes. Across UK Higher Education, Research Institutes, Independent Research Organisations and other organisations is the potential to tap into new resources, ideas, knowledge, expertise, skills and research. Working in collaboration requires time to build trust, but also to explore the potential interfaces of impact and success.

The conference, which will take place on Friday 31 January, is co-organised with IROC, the Independent Research Organisation consortium for the arts and humanities.

The event will focus on:

  • The practical aspects of collaborative/partnership research
  • Opportunities and barriers of working across HEIs, IROs and other bodies in partnership
  • Challenges of bringing different forms of expertise into a single research project
  • The interfaces of impact and legacy, recognising different sectors/organisations may have different understanding of impact and legacy.

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area team, led by Rodney at the Institute, works with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the heritage research community, and heritage partner organisations, to draw together and stimulate the development of a wide range of research across the arts and humanities that make an important contribution to understanding heritage.


Social media

  • For the conference, organisers will be tweeting with the handle @AHRCHeritage using #HEIROResearch as our hashtag, so please do feel free to join in with your thoughts and discussions.

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