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The pasts and presence of art in South Africa

11 December 2020

A new volume, The Pasts and Presence of Art in South Africa: Technologies, Ontologies and Agents, co-edited by Rachel King (UCL Institute of Archaeology) is now available.

The pasts and presence of art in South Africa (bookcover)

The open access volume, published recently in the Cambridge McDonald Institute Monograph series and co-edited by Rachel King with Chris Wingfield and John Giblin, establishes a new framework of analysis that transcends that of nineteenth-century colonial power, for engaging with South Africa’s artistic traditions. 

The volume is the ultimate result of a conference with the same title, held on 27–29 October 2016 to mark the opening of the British Museum exhibition South Africa: the art of a nation. Through its overtly political choice of topics, the exhibition sought to engage with the entanglements of art in the politics of South Africa’s recent past.

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