Institute of Archaeology


UCL and British Museum workshop: Archaeological science of food and environment

29 May 2018

Researchers from UCL and the British Museum will participate in a one-day bioarchaeology workshop at the British Museum on 31 May.

Material Matters: Exploring Materials Analysis in the BM and UCL

Workshop participants, including staff and students from The British Museum's Departments of Ancient Egypt and Sudan and Scientific Research and the UCL Institute of Archaeology, will discuss the latest research in Bioarchaeology.

Bioarchaeology encompasses a range of approaches, including microscopic, molecular and isotopic  techniques, to study biological material and residues in the archaeological and historic past. The emphasis is on the impact that bioarchaeological research is having on our understanding of people in the past, including health, disease and diet, environmental impact, and interactions with material culture, amongst other elements.

The workshop is supported by the UCL Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Fund and The Wellcome Trust and is part of the project 'UCL and the British Museum - Exploring and Enhancing Current Relationships'. This project is funded by UCL's Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Fund. It is running for the 2017-18 academic session and will offer opportunities for staff from both institutions to showcase existing collaborations and run workshops to explore future joint projects.

The venture will also produce a portfolio of recent and existing relationships between the two institutions for publication and consultation in thinking ahead to the possibilities for reciprocal training arrangements, joint research and funding applications.



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