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Institute research expertise on show at SAA 2018

13 April 2018

UCL Institute of Archaeology research expertise is on show at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) being held in Washington DC this week.

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The mission of the SAA is to expand understanding and appreciation of humanity's past as achieved through systematic investigation of the archaeological record. The society leads the archaeological community by promoting research, stewardship of archaeological resources, public and professional education, and the dissemination of knowledge.

Institute research being presented includes

  • Peter Schauer, Kevan Edinborough, Stephen Shennan, Andrew Bevan and Mike Parker Pearson - Explaining Variation in the Scale of Neolithic Quarry and Mine Production in the General Session on Prehistoric and Protohistoric Research from Europe
  • Jose Garay-Vazquez, Michele Wollstonecroft and Dorian Fuller - "Tell me what you are eating and I tell you who are you": Differences in Subsistence Systems of Elite and Non-Elite Gamo Society of the Ethiopia Highlands during Historical Times in the General Session on Global Approaches to Paleoethnobotany
  • Marija Edinborough and Kevan Edinborough - Cranial and Dental Pathologies in Mesolithic-Neolithic Inhabitants of the Danube Gorges, Serbia in the General Session on Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology for which Marija is also the Chair
  • Lisa-Marie Shillito, Helen Mackay, Ian Bull and Mike Parker Pearson - Feeding Stonehenge: The Potential of Coprolites as Tools for Reconstructing Diet in the Symposium on Coprolite Research: Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Potentials
  • Viviana Siveroni - The Incas in Nasca: A Review of Data from the Northern Drainage in the Symposium on Are We Inkas? Inkas and Local Polities Interactions as seen through the Material Culture
  • Stephen Shennan - Dates as Data: Where Are We Now in Using Radiocarbon Dates to Infer Population Histories? in the Symposium on Next Generation Archaeological Science: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask for which Marcos Martinón-Torres is a co-Chair
  • Siran Liu, Thilo Rehren, Wei Qian, Jianli Chen and Marcos Martinón-Torres - A Complex History of Human-Environment Interaction Revealed by the Study of Metal Production Industries in Imperial China in the same Symposium
  • Tristram Kidder and Yijie Zhuang - The Tangled Roots of the Anthropocene: China from the Late Neolithic to the Song Dynasty in the Symposium on Archaeological Perspectives on the Anthropocene
  • Bill Sillar - Canas, Canchis and Cuzco: What Was the Scale of Community Allegiance in the LIP? in the Symposium on Ayllu There? Herders, Farmers and the Formation of Community in the Andean Highlands
  • Rhiannon Stevens, Hazel Reade, Sophy Charlton and Jennifer Tripp - The UpNorth Project: Environment Context of Late and Final Palaeolithic Dispersals in the Symposium on Mobility as Human-Environment Interaction
  • Jennifer French - Opening Remarks: The Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology of Non-modern Humans in the Symposium on Challenges and Advances in the Archaeology and Paleoanthropology of Non-Modern Humans for which Jennifer is also co-Chair
  • Josie Mills - Assessing the Potential for Raw Material Profiling Studies in Modelling Neanderthal Behavioural Complexity in the same Symposium

Other participation

  • Jose Oliver is Discussant in the Symposium on Material Culture and Multivocal Cultural Dialogue in the Construction of the Criollo Universe of the Caribbean
  • Elizabeth Graham, Richard Macphail, Phillip Austin and Lindsay Duncan - Marco Gonzalez, Ambergris Caye, Belize - Evidence for Salt Production in the Geoarchaeology Poster Session

The Institute is also exhibiting at this year's SAA Annual Meeting and looking forward to meeting prospective students as well as former staff and alumni.

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