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AARD 2019

The 2019 African Archaeology Research Day will be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on 9 November.

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We are pleased to invite you to the 2019 African Archaeology Research Day (AARD) meeting, hosted by the UCL Institute of Archaeology, on Saturday 9November, including a buffet lunch and closing reception.

AARD is an informal annual meeting of Africanist archaeologists to encourage undergraduate, post-graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and more established scholars to present recent and ongoing research and fieldwork. 

Conference Programme

Call for Papers

Closed 9 October 2019

Presentations are encouraged for all aspects of African archaeology

In addition to normal conference sessions organically organised around submitted abstracts, this year’s AARD will include one special session entitled Critical Perspectives on Heritage in Africa. This session will feature a selection of papers aimed at addressing key current issues in critical African heritage studies – referring to work that problematises, theorises, and ultimately seeks to generate novel understandings about the notion and practice of what is typically termed African heritage, including the significance of researching these issues from the United Kingdom and Europe. Although critical heritage studies encompass the tangible and the immaterial (objects, discourses, emotions), we are especially interested in including papers that engage with material aspects of heritage, acknowledging that these can have intangible elements as well. One goal of the session is to identify topics and debates that will carry over to related sessions at the Society for Africanist Archaeology 2020 conference in Oxford. Those interested in participating in this session should contact Rachel King (tcrnrki@ucl.ac.uk) and John Giblin (j.giblin@nms.ac.uk) with queries.

Presentations on heritage and community archaeology outside the remit of this special session are also encouraged, and will be selected as part of the general pool of abstract submissions.

Registration and Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts to the general conference should be submitted to aarducl2019@gmail.com. Abstracts for the Critical Perspectives on Heritage in Africa session should be sent to John Giblin (j.giblin@nms.ac.uk) and/or Rachel King (tcrnrki@ucl.ac.uk) directly.

Transportation and Accommodation

Participants are asked to make their personal travel and accommodation arrangements. The Institute of Archaeology is located at 31–34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY.


Participants interested in discussing options for childcare during the conference should contact Claudia Näser (c.naeser@ucl.ac.uk) for more information.


Please contact Rachel King tcrnrki@ucl.ac.uk and/or Kevin MacDonald (kevin.macdonald@ucl.ac.uk) for further information or if you have any questions.