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Funerary evidence for women’s dress and identities in Campania and Lucania in the 4th century BC

05 December 2023, 5:30 pm–6:30 pm

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Maureen Carroll (University of York) will give the third Accordia Lecture of the 2023-24 series on 5 December.

This event is free.

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Prof Ruth Whitehouse

The lecture, the Accordia Aniversary Lecture, will be given in person and is entitled Funerary evidence for women’s dress and identities in Campania and Lucania in the 4th century BC. All are welome.


This paper focuses on funerary portraits in elite painted tombs in Campania and Lucania at a time when Rome was extending its control in the region in the fourth century B.C. In these images, men and women appear in roles that reflect indigenous social norms of the time, and the clothing they wear is a valuable tool for exploring the interconnected relationship between ethnicity, social status, and gender. Female clothing types are particularly distinctive and varied, and they reveal that self-perception in south-west Italy was based on belonging to individual, local communities rather than on membership in large, overarching ethnic groups constructed by Greek and Roman authors.

This is a joint lecture with the Institute of Classical Studies and will be held in Room G35 Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1.

For any enquiries about the Accordia Lectures on Italy 2023-24 series, please contact Prof Ruth Whitehouse (accresearch20@gmail.com). 

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The Accordia lecture series is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Classical Studies (Institute of Advanced Study, University of London) and the UCL Institute of Archaeology.