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Cultural property crime and human security: organised crime and conflict financing

10 January 2022, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Ethical challenges in research illicit antiquities (seminar series poster)

Sam Hardy (Norwegian Institute in Rome, University of Oslo) will give the first seminar in the Term II UCL Institute of Archaeology thematic series on Ethical Challenges in Researching (Il)licit Antiquities on 10 January.

This event is free.

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Alice Stevenson/Summer Austin/Kevin MacDonald

The goal of this seminar series is to present the multifaceted, multidisciplinary nature of research investigating issues surrounding illicit antiquities – defining what illicit and licit antiquities mean, highlighting the ethical complexities of dealing with such objects archaeologically, including the legal, ethical, and political considerations involved. The series brings together scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to discuss policies, data collection and publication, material analysis, and sociological modelling of trafficking networks, artefact status, and human agencies involved in dealing with looted material nationally, internationally and transnationally. Over a period of 10 weeks we will combine archaeology, museums studies, law, sociology, and heritage research to work towards a better understanding of the analysis, publication and display of global (il)licit antiquities and cultural objects. 

Mondays, from 4pm, via Zoom

All welcome! Any enquiries about the series may be directed to Alice Stevenson. Summer Austin should be contacted for Zoom links.