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The role of technology in the making of meaning for visually impaired museum visitors

21 October 2019, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm

View of exterior of the UCL Institute of Archaeology, Gordon Square

The fourth seminar in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series for Term I, 2019-20 will be given by Raffaella Cecilia on 21 October.

This event is free.

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Institute of Archaeology


Room 612
Institute of Archaeology
31-34 Gordon Square
United Kingdom


How do visually impaired visitors access museum collections? How do they make sense of the environment? How does the use of technology impact their experience? These questions came up frequently during my PhD project. The target of my research is to acknowledge the diversity and pluralism of possible meanings, to explore the different ways in which visually impaired visitors construct their experience in museums, and to critically assess how inclusive technology can facilitate the museum experience. During this talk, I will share initial findings on how visually impaired visitors made sense of their museum visit, building connections with objects, embracing the environment, and using inclusive technology.

UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars Programme | Term I, 2019-20

The Term I seminar series highlights current Institute of Archaeology research and this term relates to the TAG 2019 conference theme of ‘Power Knowledge and the Past’.

Mondays, 4pm, Room 612 (some titles are still provisional)