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Illustrating Archaeological Ceramics

01 April 2019, 2:00 pm–5:00 pm

Illustrating archaeological ceramics (workshop)

The Ceramic Technology Research Network will organise a workshop at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on 1 April.

This event is free.

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Maja Mise – Institute of Archaeology


Room 410
Institute of Archaeology
31-34 Gordon Square

Despite technological advances of photography, illustration remains an key method of documenting of archaeological finds such as ceramics. It can be used to highlight important details and interpretations not picked out by photography. Accurate drawing is commonly used to establish comparative typological classification systems of pottery and other ceramics.

This workshop will provide a practical and theoretical introduction to basic techniques of drawing archaeological pottery, including how to produce professional illustrations and to read published drawings. After short introductory lecture, participants will receive hands-on training. All equipment for drawing will be provided, as well as pottery sherds, though participants may bring their own material.

The event will take place between 2-5pm in Room 410 at the Institute of Archaeology. 

To register attendance, please contact the workshop organiser Maja Mise (m.mise@ucl.ac.uk).

The Ceramic Technology Research Network brings together staff and early stage researchers interested in the study of ancient ceramic technology and organises focused group activities that cross-cut the wide spectrum of archaeological ceramics research at the Institute of Archaeology.
The network’s interest covers earthenware pottery, high-fired glazed ceramics, as well as a range of other related artefacts. It is concerned with archaeometric methods of studying ancient ceramic technology, as well as traditional macroscopic approaches, and experimental and ethnographic perspectives.