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The TRACER Project: two years after. Results and Perspectives

15 October 2018, 4:00 pm

UCL Institute of Archaeology

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Room 612, UCL Institute of Archaeology

The third seminar in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series for Term I, 2018/19 will be given by Gersande Eschenbrenner-Diemer on 15 October.

Gersande's seminar is entitled 'The TRACER Project: two years after. Results and Perspectives' and all are welcome to attend.

Indigenous and imported wood species were extensively used in Ancient Egypt for manufacturing objects of daily life and equipment for the afterlife, notably statuary and coffins. Despite the abundance and use throughout Pharaonic history, no global study has been carried out on this material. With an innovative methodology combining archaeometric and theoretical approaches, the TRACER project will analyze wood craft as a societal "tracer" in Ancient Egypt during a key period of its history: the Middle Bronze Age (MBA). Analysis of woodcraft during this period which covers both politically centralized (Middle Kingdom-MK) and decentralized periods (Second Intermediate Period-SIP), will identify the impact of societal changes on wood crafts, closely linked with the political and religious development of the country.

UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars Programme | Term I, 2018/19

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