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The Making of the Silk Roads: Bronze Age Metallurgy in the Eurasian Steppe

12 November 2018, 4:00 pm

UCL Institute of Archaeology

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Room 612, UCL Institute of Archaeology

The sixth seminar in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series for Term I, 2018/19 will be given by Miljana Radivojevic on 12 November.

Miljana's seminar is entitled 'The Making of the Silk Roads: Bronze Age Metallurgy in the Eurasian Steppe' and all are welcome to attend.


The Eurasian Steppe has been increasingly recognised as the place where fundamental technologies, languages and ideas originated and spread from Bronze Age onwards. The intricate system of trade networks at the time paved the way for the routes that long outlived the Bronze Age world, the Silk Roads. Of all items transported along these routes, the exchange of ores and metal objects would have been the largest in volume and the most fundamentally transformative for the steppe communities. The prehistory of the Silk Road is therefore intimately related to that of the steppe metallurgy, leading the field of study of its origins at the crossroads of archaeology and materials science research. The most recent archaeometallurgical studies shed new light on the origins, scale and networks of ores and metal supply long before silk was in vogue.

UCL Institute of Archaeology Research Seminars Programme | Term I, 2018/19

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