Institute of Archaeology


Ceramic Petrography Analytical Service

Ceramic Petrography Analytical Service
  • Professional thin section petrographic and geochemical analysis of archaeological pottery, CBM, metallurgical ceramics, building stone, plaster and lithics, for the interpretation of provenance and craft technology.
  • Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, Post-Med and industrial artefacts analysed from UK and further afield.
  • Geologically trained with over 20 years experience in archaeological petrography.
  • Analysis on single artefacts or larger projects as needed.
  • Services include thin section preparation, petrographic analysis, microphotography and full interpretation.

Recent Projects

  • Petrographic Analysis of Early Bronze Age Beaker Sherds from Levens Park, Cumbria, UK. 2018/140

  • Further Petrographic Analysis of Possible Ceramic Material from Killaclohane II Portal Tomb, Ireland. 2018/139.

  • Initial Petrographic and Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis of Ceramics and Lithics from Islas Secas, Panama. 2018/138.

  • Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of Early Neolithic Pottery from Principal Place, London. 2018/137.

  • Petrographic Analysis of an Early/Middle Bronze Age Sherd from Parc Cybi, Anglesea, Wales. 2018/136.

  • Petrographic Analysis of Historic Ceramics from Suakin, Condenser Island, Sudan. 2018/135.

  • Petrographic Analysis of Early Neolithic Ceramics from Tornagrain, Scottish High- lands, UK. 2018/134.

  • Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of Pottery and other Ceramics from Roman Pottery Kilns at Ashlawn Road, Hillmorton, Warwickshire, UK. 2018/133.

  • Petrographic Analysis of Graphite and Graphite-rich Pottery Sherds, from Passau and Obernzell, Germany. 2018/132.

  • Petrographic Analysis of Medieval Coarseware Pottery from the Norwich Northern Distributor (NDR) Scheme, Norfolk, UK. 2018/131.

  • Petrographic Analysis of Medieval Pottery from Green Lane, Reydon, Suffolk, UK. 2018/130.