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Former Medical Anthropology MSc students talk about their experience studying the degree and how it has helped their professional development.

Nina Ming-Hsin Hsu
Nina Ming-Hsin Hsu - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2019-20
My cohort was composed of people from different countries and diverse disciplines ranging from medicine, anthropology, psychology, philosophy to biomedicine. This diversity enabled me to compare medical practices across the world and to learn how people from distinct sociocultural background approached the same issues during the seminars.

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Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2018-20
During my MSc I found I had the freedom to explore questions to do with biology and health and link them to anthropological, sociological and psychological research and theories. The seminars, discussions and assessments throughout my MSc greatly developed my analytical skills and ability to synthesise and connect various types of knowledge.

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Paulina Perez Duarte Mendiola
Paulina Perez Duarte Mendiola - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2019-20
As a physician, I progressively recognised the existing need to increase the dialogue between biomedical and social sciences. In addition to this, I advocated for the necessity and potential of providing medical care utilising a multidisciplinary approach. As such, it is one of the reasons, I, as a doctor, have transitioned my career into the field of social sciences.

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Caitlin Allotey-Reidpath - Medical Anthropology MSc
Caitlin Allotey-Reidpath - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2019-20
The community of students and staff in the anthropology department were some of the most supportive and keen-minded people I had ever met and the formal and informal discussions and debates I had with them were invaluable moments and memories. I am now studying medicine and greatly missing those discussions, but also looking forward to applying and imparting the knowledge I gained by studying medical anthropology.

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Adrienna Jenei - Medical Anthropology MSc
Adrienn Jenei - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2018-19
The staff was very approachable with weekly socials and office hours which meant I had a lot of contact with them outside of the formal lecture setting. This meant I could ask a lot of questions, test out new theories. We had a lot of freedom in choosing the topic of our assignments which meant I could explore the questions I was always curious about in great depth.

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Dahianira Camacho Monclova - MSc Medical Anthropology
Dahianira Camacho Monclova - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2017-18
Among other MSc options in this field, UCL seemed like the best election not only in terms of reputation but because of their experienced faculty and the opportunity of doing hands-on fieldwork. I was able to enroll in very interesting courses such as Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment and Multisensory Experience: Understanding Sickness and Health Through the Senses.

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Rose Davidson - Medical Anthropology MSc
Rose Davidson - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2017-18
Within each course, small class sizes, expert lecturers and tutors and a welcoming, non-judgemental environment led to fascinating discussions and engagement with the course material and the flexibility around essays allowed me to explore my specific interests.

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Lisa Saski - Medical Anthropology MSc
Lisa Saski - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2016-17
UCL Anthropology promotes a friendly atmosphere and there is always someone to support you. While the educational environment is excellent with exceptional resources and the MSc grounds students in contemporary anthropological debates, I felt that it was the department’s warm social environment that truly encouraged my motivation towards the degree and my further scholarly journey.

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Mirabi Gilati - Medical Anthropology MSc
MirabAi GAlati - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2016-17
Looking back now, I can say that the many transferable skills I developed at UCL helped me choose the career path I then undertook. I now effectively use these skills to topics and debates within fields across science, public health, politics, gender studies and many more. Eventually, what I learnt at UCL was the capacity to ask the right questions.

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Robert McCall - Medical Anthropology MSc
Robert McCall - Medical Anthropology MSc, 2014-15
UCL’s Medical Anthropology M.Sc. program is responsible for, without a doubt, one of the most fulfilling and energizing years of my life. UCL’s Medical Anthropology program stood out amongst the rest as the best fit, especially considering my ongoing interests in psychological anthropology and mental healthcare.

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