UCL Anthropology


Immersive Factual Storytelling MA

This programme, based within a university but run by leading immersive practitioners, gives you the practical tools and the confidence to become successful members of the international immersive VR/AR documentary community.

About this degree

Immersive storytelling is a developing field across enterprise and entertainment. Unlike other VR MAs, this programme focuses on Factual Storytelling in particular, including creating stories for enterprise use with the potential for collaboration across other faculties in UCL. The MA provides training in the use of 360º cameras, immersive sound equipment and computer graphics-based VR experiences in order for you to tell factual and ethnographic stories on immersive platforms.

It will teach you the fundamentals of immersive storytelling and equip you with a robust self-learning ‘growth mindset’ to equip you for your professional life beyond the MA. You will learn to devise, plan, produce and pitch exhibition quality non-fiction immersive narrative-based experiences, giving you the skills to enable you to practice as creators of non-fiction 360º/VR/immersive storytellers.

Who this course is for:

We are looking for students who want to be part of, and help define, the emerging world of immersive production and storytelling.

Prospective students may already be actively engaged with visual or audio storytelling in previous work or studies and want to extend their storytelling by exploring experiential factual storytelling.